Video: Jeny Smith Shopping and Flashing

Video: Jeny Smith Shopping and Flashing

Jeny Smith has got to be one of the sexiest nude models to ever shoot her own videos. Jeny is known for flashing in public places and in this video you’ll see Jeny going shopping and using a video camera to get great shots of her flashing her pussy upskirt when she gets the chance. Jeny Smith is one of the top amateur nude models and she is producing some of the best public flashing photos and videos you will ever find. See ALL of her videos and photos here.

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See all of Jeny’s pics & videos in full resolution here >>

“Hi Guys! I’m amateur model Jeny Smith. Yes, Jeny is my alias. Nude modeling was my hobby for the last 5 or 6 years. I really love to pose naked or half naked. Also i’m a little bit of an exhibitionist who loves getting naked in public.”

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